Baby Steps

A lot of us don’t particularly like the idea of ‘baby steps’. Mostly, because we live in a generation of here and now. Everything is at our disposal with just the click of a button or a download of an app, so the idea of ‘baby steps’ has been glossed over and stamped with a negative label.

As a writer and a musician, I can say from experience, that those steps are the most crucial ones a person could take. They are not only the starting line of one’s journey, but are also the foundational stones that pave the way for a victorious finish.

My dad always says, “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” Although the quote is a little unrealistic, it gets the point across, along with an occasional smile : ) Our goals can seem, at times, as big as an elephant, but don’t let the probability of those goals not coming true stop you from striving for them.

Baby steps are the initial steps taken to achieve the goals we set in life. Work for your goals, stay patient, and DON’T EVER give up.

Be bold and shine.