A Lesson In Perspective

A Christian musician’s dream show is a huge stage with awesome lights, thousands of screaming fans, the drums and bass playing so loud, it makes the ground quake five blocks down the street, and of course, just having a great time sharing the Gospel through song.

Sometimes, that’s just not what happens. Sometimes, you plan a show, practice like crazy, and when the day of the event comes, you’re thrown all kinds of curveballs that create frustration and stress. Honestly, it happens a lot. Why? My theory, it’s all about which way you look at it.

I remember one time I was listening to an interview of a Christian band. The lead singer was sharing his experience of the worst show in his life. He was saying how he had these huge expectations, and when they got there, only a handful of people (literally, a handful) showed. As I was listening to him expressing his frustration and how he thought it was a waste of his time, I could feel for him when he almost wanted to walk out on the event, but was shocked when he said he was wrong to be angry. It turned out, there was one girl who came up to him after the show crying, sharing with him how she had been planning to take her own life later that night but decided against it because she heard about Jesus in their music. He was humbled as he remembered why he was playing music in the first place: to share Christ with the lost and broken.

So, there I was, almost in the same position. Curveballs came our way in our last show, creating some disappointment, until I learned our music could be heard all the way down the street. If I looked at it with the perspective of anything we did that night not meeting our expectations, I would have completely missed the fact God was still using the music to reach those around us, mess-ups and all.

I learned whether the night goes as planned or tanks, the best way to handle times like that is to change the perspective and see it through a fresh set of eyes by remembering why I am doing it in the first place. The reason I write songs and play music is to encourage believers to stand strong in their faith and to reach unbelievers with the message of hope, so even if our songs reach only one person, if that person’s life is changed, then it was worth it.

Be bold and shine.