Prayer For Leandro Payan

Hey guys, yesterday my mom showed me a Facebook page of a little boy who is terminally ill and needs our prayers. His name is Leandro Payan, a three-year-old diagnosed with cancer. He has been receiving treatments at City of Hope, which includes a blood transfusion every day, but his body is rejecting them and the doctors have given him a week to live.

This weighs heavily on my heart since my family has endured the same experience with one of our own, so please pray for this little boy. If you would like to do more to show your support, check out the Facebook page his family set up for donations under his name, Leandro Payan. They are asking for anything from gift cards for food, to money to fund their trip to Texas for little Leo for more research to find a cure. They also have a GO FUND ME account, so be sure to check that out as well.

Please keep his family in mind. He has two older siblings, a sister and a brother, along with his parents and many others going through this with him who need our prayers as much as he does.

Be bold and shine.