The last concert I went to, was a mix of a great time of worship and a time of reflection of what we as musicians portray. Are we playing shows to impress the audience or hoping our music will reach the hearts of that audience? We could say the line is a little blurry, but when you really think about it, it’s not. The way we do things and how we do them speaks for itself, and we all can tell the difference.

I’ve spent the last few days mixing one of our songs. The great thing about having to do all of this ourselves, is it lodged those lyrics deep into my brain. Often times, I will write something, not realizing what the song is actually saying until I go back and take a more in-depth look. May sound crazy, but just goes to show I’m not the one forming the inspiration : )

The message clearly reflects a Gospel-centered mindset, which is truly encouraging because there are times where I take a step back to make sure my life is focused on God. Times like this, create an indescribable excitement within me.

All that being said, I am both super stoked and somewhat nervous about our show tonight. My only prayer, God will use our music and passion for His glory tonight. Crimson Letters is not here to impress the people around us with what we can do, we are here to use our gifts to encourage you to use yours to their fullest potential.

Tonight, we will be rocking Murrieta! May our voices lift His name in great adoration, for He is good!

Hope to see you there!

Be bold and shine.