Erasing The “Dot Theory”

Imagine someone offers you a plate full of cookies of all varieties. Chocolate chip, frosted, peanut butter, etc… which to choose? All are good in their own way, so you can’t really make a wrong decision, right?

Now, take that same concept and apply it to the will of God for your life. I grew up being taught there’s only one choice or one path to take when you’re walking in the will of God. You choose the wrong job or spouse, and you have somehow stepped outside His will, but honestly, is that right?

My family did a home Bible study on the will of God, which not only revealed we had been taught something in church that wasn’t exactly biblical, it was also refreshing. It opened my eyes and lifted a heavy weight off my heart to find there’s not just only one right choice, but several good possibilities waiting. Just like the cookie example, God gives us a choice, now if we choose to live or do something contrary to what the Bible says, then yes, we would be outside God’s will.

Here’s the problem with the “dot theory”. God made us with the gift of free will, so to say there’s only one right choice regarding the important stepping stones in your life, like which college to attend or what career to pursue, is wrong. God gifts us with different talents and passions, so which one is the right one that keeps us in the will of God?

See what I mean?

Over the years, I’ve noticed I’ve been gifted with several different things, all of which I could turn into a career to support myself, so is there only one choice? No, thankfully, there’s not. There are many good choices we can make inside the will of God, so don’t feel overwhelmed with the decisions you will have to face in the future that will mold who you will become, seek God’s guidance and embrace them. As long as you are seeking Him and staying grounded in His word, you won’t step off the path.

Be bold and shine.