How Does Your Light Shine?

Hey guys, for this post I had a fun analogy I wanted to share with you : )

So we always say, “Shine your light” because it is Biblical and is a great picture of how Christians should impact their culture. It is one of my favorites, but I recently discovered an interesting way to look at how we shine our light.

I was working on my book yesterday, sometimes I like to put myself in the character’s shoes to see how they would react or respond in the situation, so I did just that : ) It was a scene where two people are talking about being a light in the dark and the one character uses the picture of a birthday candle. He states how it is the center of attention when it burns, but then after its’ few seconds of glory it gets puffed out. Once more, that candle will burn bright and then… poof, gone again until it eventually becomes burned to the bud, useless. It got me thinking, is that how I am with shining my light? Do I have moments of opportunity where people clearly see the light of Christ in me and then… poof, I go about my day as any normal person would? I want my light to be a constant flame, unfaltering, like an oil lamp. An oil lamp has a set amount of time where it will burn until the oil in the bottom of the holder runs out. Just like Paul uses the picture of an athlete running a race, I think that ‘oil’ in the holder can represent our lifetime. Do we burn bright, like a candle that gets snuffed out, or do we continuously burn for Christ?

Very simple, but quite an earthshaking concept for me personally : ) Just wanted to share that with you guys. Happy Thanksgiving!

Be bold and shine.