Fully Known

Hey guys, in the midst of this upside down world, we feel lost, alone and abandoned. I’m here to say that is not true. We are never alone. Never abandoned. God never loses sight of us. 

I’m sure we all would think it would be cool if there was someone, just one person out there who fully understood everything about us. Someone who knew why we react the way we do, when and where we struggle, the exact feelings we deal with and the perfect response we need in that moment to be comforted. Guess what? We do! God, our Creator, knows everything there is to know about us. Our pains, frustrations, even health issues that leave the greatest of doctors baffled. Isn’t it amazing to know God has a fully intimate knowledge of us? 

A couple years back, I was dealing with some sudden health issues. I was better for a little while but it’s starting to come back. I feel like God is slowly dipping me back into a raging ocean and asking me to trust Him. It’s crazy, a little scary, mostly frustrating and discouraging because I was seeing so much improvement and was staying on top of everything that seemed to help and now I’m severely backsliding.

The worst part about it is I have no idea what’s going on because that shows I have no clue how to address it to make it better. I have to rest in God and that He knows what’s going on. He knew this was going to happen again and be even worse than the first time around. He knew that and even more so, knows how to heal me.

I sit here holding onto my faith in knowing He is good and guiding me in figuring out the source of the issue and to fix it for good. I fight to quiet the insecurity in me that cries from the swelling and pain because of the lies that form in my head from it that try to tell me we will never figure it out. I choose to trust God because I know He is in control, His timing is perfect and He will always take care of me.

God is holding me in these deep waters and I am clinging to the promise that He will never let me go. How comforting it is to know not only is God with me in this painful and uncertain time, He is carrying me through each and every day.

As I cling to Him, He gives me the peace of mind I need when I ask for it. He even gave me the protection I had prayed for a couple nights ago when I had feared I wouldn’t wake up the next morning. For He is good all the time and the all the time, He is good. Even in my pain, I praise Him for He has blessed me with family, friends and an amazing doctor who is doing a great job in caring for me as we journey together to figure out what’s going on. God knows exactly what I need and He has given me just that each and every day. 

I pray this post encourages you that no matter what you are going through, God fully knows you and loves you and will give you exactly what you need. Cling to Him and His promises! Take comfort in knowing the storms, fires and deep waters only last for so long. 

Be bold and shine. 


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