The Restored Is Now Available!

I am super stoked to finally announce that my second installment to my book series, Hearts Under Fire, was released for sale last weekend! To those who had been waiting patiently, thank you, and I am already hard at work on my next one. ; )

I never expected this story to go so far, but I am floored and enjoying every moment I work on it. It is truly amazing what resources God can give you when you pursue your passions to glorify Him.

If you haven’t read the first book, The Unbreakable, be sure to check it out on or I hope it encourages you to grow in your faith in Christ, no matter the trials, and to inspire you to use your gifts to encourage everyone around you.

To update you guys on our music, we are still hard at work recording, and getting ready for a gig at HVBC’s annual chili cook-off on July 4th. We are also working out a date to play at a local coffeeshop and will be sure to keep you posted.

Be bold and shine.