Living Brave (A Call To Women Everywhere)

Hey ladies, this is a special blog post just for you.

I recently came back from a ladies retreat with our church, and have been inspired and touched with the sessions we had. The focus was on living brave as women of God.

In our society, a strong woman is someone who is very brash, loud, provocative, manipulative, self absorbed, only looking out for herself and her needs. I see it everyday in our movies and TV shows, the women roles now are characters who are VERY loud and brash, tough and insincere towards others’ feelings, in comparison to the picture of June Cleaver, the old-fashioned housewife. What caused this change?


We have become weak-willed, always ready to give in when someone is ‘offended’. Truth is, when we become offended to something like, “Women are the weaker vessel,” we are merely looking at the words and not searching to find the message behind it. Women are not weak, yes, men always will be physically stronger, but they need us as much as we need them. God is the one who gives us strength. If He is not the source, it will eventually dry up.

We were not designed to function on our own, the idea of independence is not to stand on our own, apart from God, our families and friends, or our spouses. “A strong independent woman,” could be a dangerous mindset. If we are independent, we may become isolated and alone, giving opportunity to be destroyed by the enemy. We MUST depend on God.

We should see this as, “Women are the weaker vessel, but that does not make her any lesser.” Both men and women were created with a purpose, to glorify God TOGETHER. When the enemy drives a wedge between men and women by using our differences, he is gaining a foothold. We cannot let him gain a foothold, we must stand our ground and fight for our convictions. Living brave as a woman of God means to be gentle, loving, compassionate, holding our ground in our beliefs but in a way that doesn’t come off as brash or edgy. We are only made strong through Christ, and that strength comes from prayer, trusting in Him and growth in our relationship with Him. We need to live as women who do not fear the future, but see our purpose and embrace our helping nature we were designed with to bring God glory in all we do.

Ladies, we must hold our ground, stay strong in our faith and never give up! We must link arms and join together through words of encouragement, building friendships and prayer! Satan already has a hold on the women and young girls in our society through corrupt influence, let’s stand together and fight to gain it back.

Be bold and shine.