Power Of Prayer

We always see signs off the side of the road that say, “Prayer changes things.” This statement is true, but the question is, how are we looking at it?

My family just saw the movie War Room the other day with some friends, and it is a powerful, convicting film that will leave you reflecting on the status of your own prayer life. Instead of spoiling all the good stuff in the movie, I encourage you to go see it yourself. With that, I won’t say anything more about it. ; )

If you think hard, the phrase, “Prayer changes things,” packs a punch, but how are we looking at it? Do we see the power of prayer as something giving us what we want, or a way to deepen our relationship with Christ? For me, I was indifferent with the phrase, thinking it was saying “Prayer is rubbing a magic lamp to receive all your heart’s desires.” Now, I see it through fresh eyes.

When we get serious and focus our life in prayer, and pray accordingly, we see God working around us. We don’t always get what we want, especially when we pray, because sometimes what we want is NOT what is best for us.

“Prayer changes things.” It molds our hearts, makes us more like the image of Christ, and impacts the lives around us. It is not the secret to get what we want, it is the place where we seek Christ, sharpen our sword for battle and grow closer to God.

Here’s my challenge: Go see the movie War Room, but if you can’t anytime soon, take the time to look at your prayer life and ask God to show you what you can do to draw closer to Him.

Be bold and shine.