Dear Daddy(s)

As Father’s day comes to an end, I am trying to keep tears from falling onto my keyboard. Last September held  one of the most scariest moments in my family’s life, a month when we could have lost our daddy to a heart attack. He had to undergo an emergency quintuple bypass surgery, due to several blockages in his heart. By God’s grace, we are more than grateful to say we are celebrating this day with him, and he is doing better than ever.

To all dads out there, thank you for your daily sacrifices; even the little ones no one pays attention to. The everyday choice to go to work to make a living for your family. Taking on the responsibility of protecting your children’s hearts, as well as working to shape them to be the best they can be. For your encouragement to get back up when we fall down, and all the hugs that come with it. For your selfless act of putting our needs above your own, even at times, to the extreme.

Dads don’t just kiss our boo boo’s, hold us tight when we are scared, work non-stop to provide for us, and come to our defense. They pour themselves out daily, to invest in our lives so we can learn to become loving, caring individuals.

A special shout out to all military dads, THANK YOU for your sacrifice and service. To the families, may you be blessed. I lose it every time I see a video of a military parent coming home and surprising his family. How blessed we are to have men like them in our lives, fighting for our freedom. God bless you all and Happy Father’s Day.

Be bold and shine.