Quick Update

Hey everyone, so I know it’s been probably over a month since I last posted, and decided to give you a rushed update.

Although our recording has been a very slow, but gradual process, we are working with our producer in the mixing phase right now. Super exciting, but also requires a lot of patience.

The real reason why I decided to give you all an update was to let you know little Leandro Payan has had lots of ups and downs. He had a blood transfusion a little while back, but is in a lot of pain and discomfort as a result. Poor little guy, but by God’s grace, he continues to hang in there.

If you want a little more detail of his journey, I suggest you visit the Facebook page they set up under his name which has daily updates.

And to all who are keeping him in their prayers, thank you, and let’s continue to lift up Leo and his family.

Be bold and shine.