Effort To Change – Jesus = Failure To Transform

Happy New Year, guys! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Years to get you motivated to take on this year with a refreshed spirit.

Everywhere we are hearing the popular theme of New Years’ resolutions. Time to get fit, make a plan of action to shoot for the moon since the last shot took a nosedive, the list goes on and on. The cycle resets every January 1st and by December 31st we stand back and reflect on the past year and ask ourselves ‘what went wrong?’

We had the heart, the determination, the fiery motivation to get us started on the right foot, so why is it the other foot never follows? We get tired, life gets crazy and overbooked, our passions or aims get moved to the unused back burner, we all have been there and done that, right? Could it be our goals were not focused enough, or was the focus misplaced?

When we make these traditional resolutions, they rarely hone in on the need to mold the inside, our nasty habits we secretly despise. We tend to get wrapped up in the physical attributes and how they need to be slimmed down or toned or enhanced-strong is the new skinny-that we miss the impact our characteristics have on our daily lives and how sin can use them against us.

That being said, shouldn’t our resolutions aim to mold our impatience, anger, lack of compassion, etc.? We all know those are the things that need discipline, so why don’t we make an effort?

Again, what went wrong?

Mistake number one most likely is Christ was not the center of the motivation. We think we can change if we make a plan and stick to it, but honestly, we don’t stick to it. Maybe a week, a month or two if we are lucky, eventually we get weary and discouraged. The goal sits in the distance as we stagger to a halt. Our strength will always fade, our determination will fizzle out and our aims will crash and burn if we don’t seek Christ first.

Mistake number two: Lack of complete and total submission. Our lives get busy, we find ourselves often guilty of tucking our Bible by our bed and failing to read it except on Sundays in church. I am guilty of that. Is my life in total submission to God? If that aspect affects the final grade, I fall short. Though I fail day in and day out of that simple task, I don’t let my failures discourage me because if I seek Christ for strength, I can only get better : )

If there are certain areas in life segregated from the light of Christ or drawing focus away from God, make a resolution to have God help the distraction be removed or the segregating lines be erased. True change can only be made through the power of Jesus Christ. When He becomes the center of the motivation and our lives are in submission, the foundation for a transformation has been laid.

Happy New Year! I pray you are challenged and find encouragement to make a resolution to allow Christ to transform you in a troubled area in your life.

Be bold and shine.