Unsung Heroes

Days are just part of life. Sometimes we have so many similar ones in a row that they get clumped together and we just keep pressing on through each one as we work our job and try to find time to do everything that is needing to be done. Our heads spin as they are constantly filled with more tasks to be tacked on to our inner checklist. Days turn to weeks and the next thing you know… your little sister or brother is running through the house excitedly announcing it’s only two days till Christmas. What happened to your day, your week, your year?

The same thing that has happened to everybody else’s: we get distracted with the many unending windy roads of our lives that only seem to spin us in circles until our heads explode, or more realistically, our tempers.

That being said, do you live your life in a selfless way? Are there evidences of a heart that shows its’ love for others by humbling itself? To be humble is to surrender your strengths for the sake of others.

My family received grave news last week of our cousin’s husband passing away from a snowmobile accident up in Oregon. As I stood at my parent’s computer desk and listened to the stories from those closest to him as his memorial service was streamed live, I was touched by all the ways he had impacted peoples’ lives through his selfless love.

To live selflessly doesn’t mean to never again be concerned about yourself, it simply means to show your love and care for others by thinking of them before you think of yourself. Even in the little things like going above and beyond at your job by helping a coworker even though you may not get recognized for it or helping a little bit more around the house than usual without being asked.

You don’t have to suddenly become a superhero-of-a-servant or spontaneously join the army. The humble in heart can be found in places of the least expected: retail, food service, office clerks, anyone and everyone has the choice to show a little kindness every once in a while. Those who choose to think of others in the moment and act selflessly as a result of that compassion. And like a smile, it is contagious. : )

It saddens me to see how the cultural perspective has shifted from ‘work hard and be proud of that work’ to ‘take, take, take because you deserve it.’ The Bible says our ‘entitlement’ our ‘wages of sin is death’, the only thing we are rightly entitled to, is eternal separation from the Creator of the universe but even then God is gracious by sending His Son to suffer and die in our place and to conquer death so that we might live.

My challenge to you, see what ways you can give instead of take and be an unsung hero to someone this week. Brighten someone’s day with just a small act of kindness or even a warm smile.

A special shout out to our police officers, military, and veterans, thank you for your selfless acts of sacrifice for the sake of others. And to all the unsung heroes out there, your work may be rarely acknowledged in a public setting but I can speak from experience that your work NEVER goes unnoticed.

Keep making an impact.

Be bold and shine.