Who Are We To Define?

“Beauty is in the eye of the Beholder.” An old saying that has floated around for decades. If we truly believe in the power of that phrase, why do we feel our hearts sink the moment we catch a glimpse of our reflection or see a photo of ourselves on a friend’s Facebook post?

If that’s not the case then how about this, what do you see as beautiful? The things you see beautiful may not line up with someone else’s perspective. You may see a spider web and marvel at the magnificent strength and intricate design while someone else shrieks in disgust. Same thing goes with all creatures of the earth, including human beings. Movie stars, rock icons, renounced artists and regular people all are placed in the categories of beautiful and… not so attractive.

How can we honestly label and ‘define’ things we did not create? We CANNOT.

We are creatures, mere flesh and bone formed by the mighty Hand of God, the True Creator of all things. And in Genesis after He finished with His creation, He looked at it and called it good, not just good, BEAUTIFUL! God created beauty and He is the only one to define its’ nature.

Dear friends, this is not just angled towards girls but boys as well. We all are guilty of standing in front of the mirror and imagining the tweaks that will perfect our outer shell, to a point. We may feel the frame that shapes the outward person needs more muscle to portray strength, more height to illuminate confidence or even more of a trim to display our self-discipline. No matter what alterations we feel need to be done we have missed the truth of our existence. We were created in the image of God to display His glory, His vast and wondrous beauty.

Believe me, I know self-esteem and seeing yourself as beautiful is a constant uphill battle but next time you see your reflection, instead of imagining what needs to be changed in order to improve what is seen by others take another look to find the intricate design and thought God had put in every little detail that makes up the beautiful creature you are.

Sorry it has been a little while since my last post, lots of things have been happening, some good and some in need of prayer.

Be bold and shine.