We Are Warriors

Whenever I hear the title ‘warrior’ my mind always paints something you would see in a anime sketchbook. An epic battle scene of a small, but mighty warrior fearlessly staring up at a monstrously powerful beast standing before him. At the top of a high cliff in order to face off with his enemy, the warrior fights a strong wind that pulls at his long cloak as he carefully studies the beast’s movements. The sun is blocked by the foe’s giant form, but that doesn’t intimidate the warrior, his weapon ready in his hand.

With something so vivid, we all can conclude what happens next. A struggle that will be marked as a legendary duel in the pages of history. The fierce courage of the warrior told in the countless ages to come. Have you ever pictured your faith as that of such a bold soul, destined to face off against the most fearsome of foes?

If you haven’t, you should ; )

The backstory of a warrior is one who dedicates his entire life to the battle he one day will face. His weapon of choice is always by his side, even when there is no apparent threat visible to his eye. Respect of his master is his highest honor and he works to live up to that honor. Disciplined, ready and never looks back to what his life was before his commitment.

Do you see it yet? The acceptance of Christ calls for dedication to growing closer to Him in a daily walk motivated by the gratitude of His sacrifice for us. Our weapon of choice, the Bible and prayer, is always at our disposal. Our enemy is always on the prowl, patient for the moment we let our guard down. We live to glorify Christ in our day-to-day lives. Once redeemed by Christ, we no longer have the desire to live in our flesh, to never look back at what our life was before salvation.

As long as we are here on this earth, the evil in this world will seek to devour the light in us. The dragon towers before us, but we have the strength of the Holy Spirit and Christ within us that gives us the courage to stand against it. Like a warrior, we are constantly pulled by the shifting winds of opinions and preferences but we fight to stand firm on that hilltop, cloaked in the Armor of God. The sun may be blocked by our enemy which at times makes us think there is no hope, but we face him, weapon ready in hand.

Don’t throw the fight. Sharpen your weapon by reading, studying and memorizing verses of the Bible, stand on your hilltop, fight the pressure of the shifting winds of opinions through constant prayer and when there is no other light but the one within you, SHINE.

Be bold and shine.