Crimson Letters EP Monthly Countdown!/Personal Update

Hey guys! Crimson Letters EP release date is in 3 months and 20 days!

During this time, Allison and I have been busy juggling work, family, friends… and doctor visits. Three months ago, I started having constant pain and swelling in my legs that has not yet been resolved or explained. I have had several tests done, which have all come back negative leaving me with the only option: rest. Though my active lifestyle has come to a screeching halt (literally), I have not questioned God’s reason to allow something like this to happen.

We all face hurdles, challenges, unanswered questions we wish could be explained, aliments to be healed but the moment we let the things in our lives defeat us is the moment we can start to doubt in God’s absolute power. I had realized through another one of my quiet moments in driving to work, no matter what happens, I truly trust God is in control. Even if I receive some news that could place my dreams on hold, I prayed God would use me and my situation for His glory.

I honestly do not know what the future holds for me regarding my health but I won’t let it stop me from sharing the music or the gift of writing that God has given me. The different possibilities of the reason to my health issues are numerous and at first were scary but placing my trust in God has chased those fears away completely. Aside from work, TONS of rest, getting our EP ready and writing some more music, I have been working on the third installment, The BOLD, in my novel series: Hearts Under Fire which is in the proof-reading phase. Like my characters in my story, God can take any circumstance and use it for His glory. Though writing is a controlled environment since the author can weave the story any way they wish, I believe they are inspired to write in such a direction by the miracles God showers us with that are evident in our every day lives. The fact we are alive to share His love is a miracle in itself.

I encourage you, no matter what you are going through, to trust God. He knows our pains. He knows every detail of our situations. Best of all, He is by our side every step of the way.

Crimson Letters EP releases October 27th!!!

Be bold and shine.