Prayers For Leo’s Family

Hey guys, I’ve spent almost two weeks trying to find a way to write this post. As I try to keep tears from dripping onto my keyboard, I bear the sad news little Leandro Payan has passed away. It was sudden and as striking as it is to us who have simply kept him in our prayers I honestly can’t imagine the pain his family is going through. Though it brings tears to my eyes to think about it, I rest my breaking heart in knowing Leo is no longer suffering. I do ask for prayer for his family, especially his mom.

To the Payan family if they ever see this post: More than a year ago I had heard about Leo through my aunt in Victorville and immediately was touched by his story and sweet smile. I’ve kept him and your family in my prayers and have used what little resources I have (like this blog) to spread the word to gather more prayers and support. I was heartbroken when I had heard the news but even though our hearts ache and we can’t comprehend why this happened, we need to trust in God and His goodness. Christ conquered death so we could be free from the chains of sin separating us from God. We have victory over death through Christ and little Leo has been given that victory as he is now in heaven.

With what little I can find to say to you, I pray God will work in it and through it to give you comfort. Cling to Christ. You are in my thoughts and prayers. May God give you the strength needed for each day and may you feel the love reaching out to you through this community of supporters you have built.