It’s Finally Here! Crimson Letters EP!/A Journal Entry

Hey guys, super exciting news! Crimson Letters EP officially released today! I’m so ecstatic I can finally put my money where my mouth is haha. I’ve been talking about our EP for soooooo long it probably seems like it was never going to happen but God has had His gracious hands in the works this whole time and now we can finally share our music with you.

Though I am still undiagnosed and without answers to my strange medical complications God has been taking care of me and showing me different ways I can still work on a daily basis even though my job in retail is almost non-existent. I always tell myself God’s timing is always perfect and I just have to trust that.

I’m not going to lie, I have had my moments where frustration gets the best of me and the hold I had on my emotions slips, the tears come pouring down and I have to pause to just let them run their course. The pain can make my day very difficult but I seek Christ for strength to get me through. In my opinion, I should have already been diagnosed and on a very productive road to recovery but I am not in control. There is a reason for this struggle and I trust God to the fullest of my ability.

In this faithfulness, God has answered my prayer of finally getting a referral to see a rheumatologist.  For everyone who has kept me in their prayers, I greatly appreciate the time you take to ask for healing on my behalf. This road is hard and some days almost unbearable but I still cling to Christ to be my daily strength.

On those frustrating days when I catch myself frowning at my reflection in the mirror, I remind myself the outer isn’t what defines my beauty. The tone of my muscles doesn’t prove how strong I am as a person and never will. I belong to God who created me with beauty in mind; occasional pimples, bad hair days, emotional meltdowns, swelling, slight weight gain and all. Yes, it is a daily uphill battle but I refuse to stop and give up : )

I pray you seek Christ for daily strength.

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Be bold and shine.