Pain vs. Eternal Suffering

Hey guys, hope you all had an amazing and enlightening New Years’.

Update on my health: still fighting, wondering, waiting for actual answers as to why I have swelling and pain but in this time, I’ve realized something amazing.

We often hear life compared to a vapor that vanishes as fast as it comes. Lately upon spending quiet time with God to just clear my head, I see pain in a different light.

Picture a grudge match between a three-month old kitten, and a vicious pit bull, trained for dogfighting. That match probably wouldn’t even last sixty-seconds, right?

Pain vs. eternal suffering.

My daily struggle with pain is nothing compared to the eternal suffering I had been destined for. My pain is that three-month old kitten: it’s not going to last long because our lives are short compared to eternity, that pit bull of vicious suffering.

Because Christ’s sacrifice, I have been spared from an eternity of not just suffering but of eternal separation from God. When I put that into perspective, it makes my daily pain seem so insignificant. Though this pain is hard, some days worse than others, I thank God for the sacrifice of His Son.

Jesus’ fate to show us unconditional love was death. I ponder that every time I remember the cross or I’m participating in communion at church, and I’m unexplainably thankful for Him. I cling to the hope I have in Christ.

When we allow our pain to get the best of us, we allow it to hinder us from serving God to the fullest of our abilities. I know there are those out there who are dealing with things worse than I am, but we can still inspire those around us by glorifying God in our weaknesses.

Our grudge match with pain won’t last long, so do what you can to glorify God in your daily life.

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Be bold and shine.