Check Your Make-Up (And I Don’t Mean Your CoverGirl)

Hey guys I know it’s been a little overdue for a new post, so I apologize for my silence. Still fighting day by day but God has been amazingly gracious towards me in this situation. I am doing better.

As I learn how to find a proper balance to lessen my pain and symptoms, God is teaching me something every single day, and today I’d like to share something.

Even though I’ve touched on it in the past, it is one of those uphill battles we face everyday and just like an athlete or soldier, we prepare and train on a daily basis to combat the same obstacles.

Picture a massive crowd. A moving sea of diverse faces, each racing in their own direction. How does someone you know pick you out of that crowd? They identify with how you look: your hair color, skin-tone, style of clothes you tend to wear, height etc. Once they use the information they have already, they implement it to be able to spot you in that massive crowd.

Now, what if you weren’t there? How do your friends and those who know you identify you when a person who doesn’t know you very well is talking about you? That person will begin to describe certain characteristics; the things that come to mind when they think about you. Is it your big heart? Your generosity? The way you are always smiling despite tough circumstances? What makes up you?

To be honest, I’m constantly struggling with the overall swelling I’ve had for the past year, especially when it determines what T-shirts I wear— if the sleeves fit. I am constantly being reminded by our loving Heavenly Father that the outside skin doesn’t define who I am. What makes me up are the characteristics that make an impact on those around me.

So what kind of impact am I making? That’s a question I often ask myself and I encourage you to do the same this week : )
What words or characteristics do people use to identify you when you are not present?

Hope you have a wonderful week!

Be bold and shine.