Think Positive! ; )

Don’t worry, this is not going to be a post about the typical ‘think-positive-everything-is-sunshine-and-rainbows’ point of view we need to have, not saying that is a bad thing.

Instead, think of it this way: how can we show compassion towards people around us?

We all have our good days and bad ones, experiences with total strangers that leave us wondering, ‘What is their problem?’ I’m sure we had a few during the hectic holidays this past December. Did you every stop to consider what they might be going through?

In the world of retail, you have those experiences, stories you almost can’t wait to share. Recently, I realized that kind of storytelling only puts people down. We don’t know how their lives had been so far, or if they are just having an off day, but we shouldn’t grab hold of those opportunities to complain behind their backs.

This also goes for the people we do know, our friends and families. We have our differences, but that shouldn’t divide us.

As followers of Jesus, we are called to show grace, but how much of our daily conversations circle around ‘complaints’ about others we encounter?

I am guilty of this, but God is showing me I need to work towards having more compassion for strangers. When we encounter those kinds of people, push pause on your frustrated thoughts, and pray for them.

We all need Jesus. The way we respond to situations could make all the difference in spreading His love.

Be bold and shine.