Crimson Letters EP Monthly Countdown!/Dear Defeat

Hey guys! Still no news on my condition. I’m waiting for some blood work test results and won’t know about those until October. Daily tasks have become very difficult for me to do with my still undiagnosed medical troubles : ( but God is still good because He is my daily strength : ) That being said, this month’s post is a collection of my thoughts towards the things that try to defeat me and (you) on a daily basis.

Dear Defeat, you have always been in the back of my mind lingering there as you wait for your chance to surface. Your lies of offering peace asking for my surrender in return will only bring me destruction. Though those promises tempt me when I am weak and weary from the day, I will not give in. To say I am a hopeless mistake, past the point of redemption is a lie and you know it. It frustrates you to watch me seek strength in Christ because you have waited and worked through my life in hope of one day of finally seeing me crash to my knees and utter your name. Though you had sometimes won the battle, you HAVEN’T WON THE WAR. Because I now draw my strength from Christ your desperate attempts to bring me down have no power. Your lies fall at my feet before they can even reach my ears. Your little jabs I had felt throughout the day no longer sting. When your clouds block out the hope of a new day, I stand my ground and wait for you to be blown away. Your grip is failing, your voice is fading, you now utter your own name for by God’s grace, defeat has been defeated.

Crimson Letters EP releases October 27th, that’s one month and eleven days away!!! Can’t wait for you guys to hear it but most importantly, to be inspired to use your resources and gifts for God’s glory. Till then, seek Christ’s strength!

Be bold and shine.